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I think everyone should realize how bad it is getting in the social media world. It use to be ok and now people only care about their lives on social media! Turn everything off and look at the people actually around you.

Be happy quotes: "So many people treat life as a constant status update. It's as if they're more concerned with how their lives look than how their lives feel.

Every day the same people providing adoration and attention to the psychopath. Every fucking day!  A bunch of identical people all addicted to social media, and their phones. The fan club. You can have a life and not post about it you know. You do know that don't you Carlos? You did the exact same thing on social media with your undying love for Gabby & Laura. You do remember that don't you Carlos? You told me it was all Gabby posting, today I can see how much of a lie that was.

I don't post to media often, an I'll ask you straight up,why should I! Yep, I don't really care. Hey sorry I'm on to live some life.where adventure is truth an not a movie star fantasize flick.

Respect it

Private Person ~Inspiration/Psychology ~ "I admire and respect people who are brave enough to be themselves, instead of a carefully crafted online presence.

And this is why my goal is to put social media in the back seat this year. I want to make memories with the people I care about. I want to be in the moment rather than be one of the several people who are attached to a phone at all times. I also don't want to compare myself to others as im striving for a better and healthier me.

Heartfelt Quotes: We’re living in an era where capturing moments using our phones is more important than actually living these moments with whoever is beside us.

You'll always be disappointed when you expect people to act as you would.you know, like real decent human beings lol.

Your illusion of the truth thrives within your close minded friend circle. If you are going to disrespect me, at least do it to my face.

Sad but true

Were displaying a very shallow image of ourselves thanks to the fake materialistic celebrity and beauty worshipping culture we live in.

Is social media immortalising us? Discuss! http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2016/08/does-social-media-immortalise-us.html

Inspirational quote - Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people." This quote is an eye-opener. Using social media is not bad and now that we're at it why don't we use it to change lives and make an impact!

your worth is not measured in likes, comments, notes or followers, but in your ability to love, keep comments to yourself, take note and lead

For those who seek fulfillment in social media status.the latter is what defines you.