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The photographic experiments of the Taiwanese artist Yung Cheng Lin, aka who confronts the human anatomy to external elements such as red thread or simple

“Skindeep” Photo Series by Julien Palast | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

French photographer Julien Palast uses vibrant colours to explore the human form in his new photo series entitled “Skindeep”.


Anatomia geométrica – as fotografias experimentais de Yung Cheng Lin

In her most recent series, talented Taiwanese photographer, Yung Cheng Lin, known more commonly as explores some of the immutable pangs and and unpleasant realities of womanhood, in unsettling yet thought-provoking ways.

Ren Hang

Raw, unapologetic, sometimes amusing and at times surreal, Ren Hang’s photography fearlessly portrays the human body in its purest form, with a signature experimental aesthetic.