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Grumpy Cat - Roses are red. Violets are red. Tulips are red. Bushes are red. Trees are red. I set your garden on fire. - Oh Grumpy, the garden was probably already dead.

30 Grumpy cat Funny Quotes #Grumpy cat #Funny memes

30 Grumpy Cat Funny Quotes

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What does your birthday mean?

Grumpy Cat on mornings and coffee. Coffee Lovers agree with Grumpy Cat that it is never a good morning until one has had his or her coffee.

This is totally worth it

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im bringing sexy back youre the reason sexy left - GrumpyCat

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my neighbors  cats blake and tessa

Grumpy cat's brother, so cute! He kind of has a similar mouth, just not as extreme. I think they should be characters in a book or cartoon series. Grumpy cat and his optimistic brother. :D <--- Grumpy Cat is a girl. Her real name is Tartar Sauce.

That’s right! Dang you are one nasty looking heifer!

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Best Grumpy Cat Memes

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Grumpy cat doesn't care for trombones

What kind of cat is Grumpy Cat? Let's start with a photo of Tard with her brother Pokey: They are Snowshoe Siamese; see the Snowshoe Wikipedia page for more. Tard and Pokey live in


Grumpy Cat Is an Evil Genius. next time i'm on the computer and someone's looking over my shoulder I am going to open a new tab and start searching How to kill the person behind me

Grumpy cat ruins the moment!

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Funny pictures about Worst thing after waking up. Oh, and cool pics about Worst thing after waking up. Also, Worst thing after waking up.