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Frame and Panel Planters

Frame and Panel Planters (Knock-Off Wood)

Planter Box DIY - ana white and the perfect combo! Cover for utility box in yard and adjusted one to cover outdoor fireplace

Ohn - Furze (Broom)...Vitality, new impetus

Broom (plant) - or French broom, planta genista in Latin. adopted from Geoffrey of Anjou and worn as a sprig in his head gear by Henry ii . Hence the family name Plantagenet, get one for the garden , I'm told the Deer don't eat it

greenery around tree

The Art of Building Stone Walls

Surely you have seen the beautiful Harmony Farm by James Doyle, the APLD Landscape Designer of the year?

Plant A Hedge  This fine gold leaf sedum makes a colorful 'hedge' when planted along a stone path.

Fairy Garden:This fine gold leaf sedum makes a colorful 'hedge' when planted along a stone path.

KENILWORTH IVY Ivy-Leaved Toadflax Vine Flower Seed. Kenilworth Ivy Kenilworth Ivy (Cymbalaria Muralis) - Grow this lovely ground cover from seed! With scalloped leaves, and pretty lilac colored bloom

KENILWORTH IVY Ivy-Leaved Toadflax Vine Flower Seed, Ground cover,cascade down a stone wall or spill over the sides of containers

Natural stone wall with climbing plant and flowers, charming green fence design. Climbing plants are popular choices for garden design, porch and front yard decorating, arbors and green fence design

I love the creeping thyme for pathway filler, looks like grass but you dont have to mow it, plus it will smell good when you walk on it!

Flagstones set in sand with creeping thyme joints make a great, casual pathway. English-country Outdoors from Kerry Burt on HGTV

http://www.landscape-design-advice.com/shade-perennials.html The best shade plants for the garden...easy to care for too! Lots of color is created with not only the flowers but the foliage too.

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