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The Pullup Exercise Anatomy

The Pullup Exercise Anatomy


The front squat is a beast of a move, and is also surprising easier on the lower joints than the traditional squat. it equally helps with balance, strength, and building endurance and flexibility. FRONT SQUATS FOR EVERYONE!

Muscle Anatomy

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Human Anatomy - Musculature Anatomy Chart Might buy a body-building mag and see if I can label the muscles showing through!

Musculos que se trabajan segun ejercicio

Dumbbell Shrugs- A GREAT workout if you want bigger traps. I recommend 3 sets of 10 with lower weights the first 2 weeks and gradually shift to 4 sets of 6 with heavier weights as you gain more strength in your traps.

Yesterday, I started to get specific about nutrition. Today, I’m going to start to be specific about exercise. The largest muscles in your body are in your legs. So, that sounds like a great pla...

How To Perform A Proper Squat

How to Squat With Proper Technique If you are working out in the gym and could only do one exercise it would be the squat. Because no other exercise challenges the human body to operate as singe unit like the squat. The squat has long been heralded a