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Heffron Drive // " we're all passing time, looking for a rush that makes us feel alive " // Kendall Schmidt

Kendall performing, lovely as always

Heffron Drive. (Kendall Schmidt & Dustin Belt)

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Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is the same couch BTR did that one photoshoot on.

Passing Time Chords Heffron Drive, Logan Henderson

Heffron Drive, Logan Henderson Passing Time Chords Lyrics for Guitar Ukulele Piano Keyboard with Strumming Pattern on Standard No capo, Tune down and Capo Version.

Kendall Schmidt's Heffron Drive Album Cover And Track List

The debut album from California-based duo Heffron Drive, Happy

Heffron Drive 2013 Tour Poster

Heffron Drive 2013 Tour Poster i have one

Parallel - Heffron Drive

Parallel - Heffron Drive Love this song

Hefferon Drive performing at Plush - STL on September 20

The pop music artist, Kendall Schmidt (of Big Time Rush), and his band, Heffron Drive, have announced the first dates of “The Happy Mistakes.

Go check out Kendall Schmidt's (of Big Time Rush/Heffron Drive) TOUR TIPS on Digital Tour Bus!

Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush and Heffron Drive – TOUR TIPS

This set of Tour Tips was written by the Kendall Schmidt from the pop/rock duo, Heffron Drive, and the boy band, Big Time Rush.

Happy Mistakes track list - Heffron Drive.

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Happy Mistakes track list - Heffron Drive.

Heffron Drive Women's Photo Tee- use code ArtOfMovingOn to save 10%

Photos of Heffron Drive with Kendall on Front and Dustin on Back

Kendall Schmidt... .Man you look so much better like this! <33333

Looks MUCH better like this he is so cute, huge fan of big time rush and heffron drive

Heffron Drive. Kendall Schmidt.

that lighting tho

Don't Let Me Go by Heffron Drive on Spotify

Don't Let Me Go by Heffron Drive on Spotify

"Parallel" Heffron Drive

"Parallel" Heffron Drive