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These things sound gay as hell but I guess that's cause Louis and Harry are gay as hell

larry in 2015

Im not a larry fan.i just think it's cute when you find these kind of friendship

omg 400 followers!! Thank you guys so much!! It means a lot!

Larry Shit

basically just some pictures and sometimes texts about larry's life and stuff. highest ranking: in random.

Gifs poco visto.

Larry (gif) friends just don't act like that. It is so true I should know I act like that with one of my very good friends and we both like each other more then friends and we have to hide it from everyone

Larry ...larry!!

Well here's the difference. Louis was posing for a picture with Eleanor. When you pose for a picture your smile is never genuine. This picture of larry was just a picture of them laughing. There are plenty of elounor pics where he looks happy.

It looks like it

The fact that I can tell who's ear that is shows how much of a directioner I am (its louis)

Cause that's completely normal.. Or not. You know. It's all good.

When people box things like that it reminds me of math.

Oh my god, plz someone help me. I just can't hold back my tears....

The first to last is actually Louis pulling Harry away from an interviewer that was getting a lil pushy

o que dizer de estarmos tentando entender esta foto

oquedizer on

Larry Stylinson gif

I feel like harry was really scared about wrapping his arm around Louis and told the other guy to stop