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Haaaaaaa!!! Naaaw!

Little girl on her sitting pony at horse show. Everything about this photo- from the girl's flame helmet to her stubborn friend- amuses me :)

I love her expression.  I don't think you should mess with her! Lol

Little kid cowboy riding on Pony in barrel racing. Quite possibly the cutest picture ever taken. Palomino colored chubby little pony, horse show, western tack.


These two baby Miniature Horses are so tiny, their halters look soo big!

Where's Lottie? Pony Club Lottie and Seren the Welsh Mountain Pony are with her friend Ailbhe (age 4) at horse riding in Ireland. Send your pictures to whereslottie@lottie.com

Pony Club® Lottie Doll & Pony Set

Pony Club is about much more than just riding – Lottie learns about caring for a horse too, and studies for achievement badges covering subjects like feeding, equipment, pony behaviour and grooming.

Rowdy's Rascals Miniature Horse Events>>> heavy breathing

The horse is merely hoping to get nice, but has to be taught that humans don't have to be groomed. Although horses don't do this all of the moment, they have a tendency to do it when particularly relaxed

from Colleen Rutledge Eventing. This little girl is my idol.

Adorable……… not to the eye of an equestrian though. Look at her poor jump seat. And look at the poor horse, she is yanking a LOT on the reins!