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22 Awesome Bug Out Vehicles for When the SHTF

How about this for a "Bug Out" vehicle? - Ya just gotta love those scandinavian snow trucks!

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Ultimate Adventure Vehicle by Sportsmobile Would love to have one of these for a bugout vehicle.

Suburban Men - These Trucks Will Get You Out of Dodge (18 Photos) – February 28, 2015 - February 28, 2015

These Trucks Will Get You Out of Dodge (18 Photos)

Custom plate steel body panels and bumper. Self healing tire sidewalls. Off road perfection.

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The Avtoros Shaman all-terrain vehicle. Measuring in at 6 meters long, 3 meters high, and meters wide, this beast is powered by an Iveco turbo diesel that pumps out through a manual gearbox.

Another Earth Roamer

Can take a trip from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to Gnome, Alaska on 12 tanks of biodiesel. A great way to go on an adventure and have super low impact. Biodiesel and Solar powered! Making biodiesel in chem Outstanding performance.

Moped Survival Bike: Perfect for the zombie apocalypse.

Moped Survival Bike

Motopeds Survival Bike is the Ultimate in Pedal-Power Adventuring. Do You Have Your Survival Gear Ready In A Bug Out Bag? Do You Have Your Gadgets And Tactical Weapons For A Major Emergency Or Event? The Apocalypse Might Not Be Coming But Emergency Prepar

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10383556_384289391731219_772175950312725014_n.jpg (360×960)

1956 Volvo TP21 Sugga,  the accurate instrument panel, the front window,and the petite body.

1956 Volvo Sugga would make a good survival vehicle. You should however convert power pack to a local type to allow for easier repairs. 1956 Volvo Sugga engine and transmission parts would be hard to find in Nova Scotia, Canada where I am from.

Spidertrax. It's enough to drive you up the wall. For all your 4x4 parts go to www.breakeryard.c...

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