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God, shu was probably my faborite character in the whole show (and maybe subaru.

1 description sentences of different Anime -slams head into table after reading Boku no Pico sent.-

Omg i was choking with laughter and then i hit hetalia<<< soul eater is my favorite anime and the description fits perfectly<< Death Note also.

Team Gui

Here's two for being unaware that you're gone because before too long you'll be a memory // em(s)/emma.

I took three quizzes; one for Alois, one for Ciel, and one for Sebby. Alois and Ciel liked me, but Seb

Hahahahahahahahahahhahaa too bad my friend doesn't have a Pinterest...he would love this hahahaha

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Also TFLN and whatever else! Feel free to submit your own, or ask for specific characters! (admin uses she/her)

I want to do that to my parents since they never shut up about freaking FOOD ARE THEY THE NEW SASHA FROM AOT IDK

No I hate when I’m listening to my music and then someone decides to interrupt my peace by calling me.