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Looks like an emergency trip to the Paris Spy Supply Market. Where's my umbrella? (Walking in the rain, Marais, Paris by Tansy Liverwort.

red umbrella

I've seen many colors like this one. I like when black and white pictures have one thing that stand out. This is acheived by color. One item in a picture had color. This is usually a bright red color that stands out. It draws attention to that one item.


________ collapsed inside the phone booth and looked up at the telephone. She stared up at the phone as it swung from its cord and chastised herself.

Lonely Rain Photo by crazybeautiful_vivacious | Photobucket

Sitting against the wall, I stared out at the sheet of rain, blocking her from the rest of the world. Does she pull through, find some miraculous cure?

I look out at the steady rain. A gust of wind blows and for a brief moment the street lights dim then flicker brightly once again. It's going to be a long, cold, lonely stormy winters night ahead of me . wondering where you are.

not sure exactly where this is but its a great photo

2011 National Geographic Photo Contest Honorable Mention “Cyber Monsoon," Photo by Anuar Patjane. A torrential monsoon rain in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

No need for words. Waiting for us to meet... Once... somewhere... sometimes...

I look out at the steady rain. A gust of wind blows and John shivers beside me. I wrap the thin blanket around him tighter, and continue to watch the heavy rain. "Living it up" I murmur. ~ this picture is a inspiration for my newest story:)


Rainy Night, Chicago, Illinois photo via deette. I absolutely love this photo ♥

White jeans, black boots, done deal. No matter what the season.

In The Navy

Emmanuelle Alt and assistant Geraldine Saglio, twin dressing at French Vogue white jeans with blazers