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"Behind a Little House" - Manuel Cosentino  I am a big fan of photographic series. This series spans over 2 years presenting the environmental changes within the same frame. Eight images in the collect vary greatly as two years pass, yet the camera never moves.

cjwho: Behind a Little House Project: Dramatic Changes in Landscape Behind a Tiny House For his Behind a Little House Project Italian photographer Manuel Cosentino found an unsuspecting muse: a tiny.

#8. Color & Contrast  The color and contrast in this photo is absolutely contrast worthy. I love the dramatic color change between the blue green and the yellow white. I can't tell if this is a mountain range with clouds behind it or if it's clouds in the sky. Either way, I really like this photo.

The picture is taken from point of view of another cloud. The picture is then flipped upside down to give an illusion!

moon (GOD is awesome)

I see the moon. the moon sees me. god bless the moon. god bless me!

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islamic-art-and-quotes: “ La Ilaha IllAllah on Clouds “لا إله إلا الله” “ La ilaha illallah None deserves worship but God.

stars....the most beautiful picture...i MUST see it in person! my four fav colors!

The Perfect Storm - Aurora Borealis - Aberdeen, Scotland.must go at the right time of the year

Take me away on an aeroplane, high in the sky.... ~ .

Fluffy white clouds in blue skies, so rich and thick it could be frosting!

.Don;t know where this is - But MM sez it reminds me of the beaches of my youth where the tides went out a long way and there were these wonderful long stretches of pure white/gold sands.

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wide open space

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The Salt Flats of Bolivia! Where heaven and earth meet as a kiss.

Natural Wonders: Photos of Surprisingly Colorful Lakes, Mountains, and More