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My first Kpop loves :) ss501 the boys who started it all for me ❤️

last Question of the day: if u could have a private concert with your 7 bands who would it be?

SS501, Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Kim Kyu Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Baby, Mal, Otter, Gorilla, Leader, HJL

Kim Hyun Joong ♥ Boys Over Flowers ♥ Playful Kiss ♥

SS501 oppa dorawa jebal... Triple's wait you in here... Nega jinja pogosipho yo oppa.. *love ya

♡ Kim Hyung Jun ♡ Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 ❤ Heo Young Saeng ♡ Kim Kyu Jong ♡ Park Jung Min ♡ Kpop ❤ I love them a lot ♡♡♡☆☆°

SS501 omg I wish they would make a comeback!!

♡ the best ♡ Kpop ♡ Kdrama ♡ Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 ♡

SS501 #Triples  #Bogosipo  #SS501 @mystyle1103  @HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 @official_DSP @b2ment

SS501 #Triples #Bogosipo #SS501 @mystyle1103 @HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 @official_DSP @b2ment

SS501 #Triples  #Bogosipo  #SS501 @mystyle1103   @HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 @official_DSP @b2ment

I did not say they were shinee, I knew they weren't but someone commented that they were, I don't know them well, sorry for my ignorance.

Can I have this bunny?

Quiz: Are You Attracted to Kim Hyun Joong?

Kim Hyun Joong ♥ Boys Over Flowers ♥ Playful Kiss ♥ City Conquest ♥