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I don't know if this is a nerd girl problem as much as it's an ambitious girl problem. Nevertheless, I have this problem.

like Travis Maddox.

and the fictional character wins. Or Simon Lewis. Or Finnick Odair. Or Ron Weasley. Or Remus Lupin. Or Ethan Wate. Or Dimitri Belikov. Or Captain America.

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Nerd Girl Problem No one gets the references on your t-shirts. This truly is a problem for me and it just isn't fair. I wear geeky t-shirts and it's like playing a game. Lets see if anyone will recognize my shirt today.

Nerd Girl Problem #41... AAHHHH!!!

Nerd Girl Problem 41 - When The Network Cancels Your Favorite Show. Teen Titans, Invader Zim, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Or when other kids start getting pissed at you because you get everything right all the time.

Wasn't so funny at the time but in two different classes in college, I got told by the teacher not to answer anymore questions. Brilliandt, my English III teacher. He assumed I knew and read everything.

Eso mismo me paso cuando termine con Cincuenta sombras!!! buuuuu

Nerd Girl Problem # 182 The hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series.

jane austen <3

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Nerd Girl Problem 113 this is so true for me. This is why I turn to ebooks and used books at thrift stores / used book stores .

So many awkward classroom moments because of this... Reading under the desk in class always ended in embarrassment for me... Oh well, it was always worth it. :)

So many awkward classroom moments because of this. Reading under the desk in class always ended in embarrassment for me. Oh well, it was always worth it. :)~ SO FREAKIN TRUE I got in trouble so much for reading in class lol but yeah soooo worth it

So me!!

Nerd Girl Problem - When you finished a series and you're having reading withdrawals because you don't know what to read next

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Nerd Girl Problem # 386 When you finish a book in a day, and have to wait a year for the sequel.

Paperbacks vs. hardcovers

Not a nerd girl problem. A book fan problem because I know a ton of female and male nerds that hate reading they completely hate it