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꿀물(Sick) on

I want him to look at me like that too

Hmm, it appears Jungkook has taught jimin to master the art of the "am I reallllllly your oppa?

BTS Bighit Trans : [Today’sBangtan] Thank you ARMYs who watched KBS Song Festival till this late hour! Clap your hands three times (clap clap clap) for B! who prepared various performance 💯

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Jimin | Mwave Meet & Greet (150603)

We need like a real BTS cafe and they all have to be maids

BTS imagines by bangtanarmyASF (Jimin park ur ass) with reads.

So beautiful and sexy

jimin looks absolutely lovely in this one and he's too awesomely handsome danke

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Where a dirty-minded boy keeps leaving notes during breaks, to his crush, on her table. But he's too shy to face her. BEWARE: the gifs may scar you for life !