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The Trouble with Vaccines and what you can do about them. You will be asked for your email address to get your free access.

Infographic: 21 awful truths about 9/11

A fireball erupts from the south tower of the World trade Center after it was struck by a plane on It took firefighters 100 days to extinguish all the fires ignited by the attacks.

And here is the strangest part, republican candidates for president are touting Bush's same old failed republican policies of deregulation and upside down taxes where the more you make the lower the rate you pay.

The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History?

The Verdict is In: Guess Who's the Worst President in US History? In case you've forgotten why he was a disaster, and why Obama is amazing.

I'm always surprised how few people know any of this. There is so much we have to do NOW to climb out of the deep dark hole conservative policies have dug us into.

Monday Images …………….

Get with the times, United States of America. For being such a rich world power, your numbers kind of suck. That is what happens when all the focus of a nation becomes war and hate mongering, rather than growth and progress.

Vaccinate this!

US Government Plans to Force Vaccinations on All Adults; My Weekend Rant