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HÄREN bath sheet, lilac Length: 150 cm Width: 100 cm Surface density: 400 g/m²

FRÄJEN Bath sheet - 39x59 " - IKEA

FRÄJEN Bath sheet IKEA A terry towel in medium thickness that is soft and highly absorbent (weight 500 g/m²).

HÄREN Bath towel - 28x55 " - IKEA now on sale as of 7/2/14 for 2.99 this is the light grey - machine wash hot as well

HÄREN bath towel, light grey Length: 140 cm Width: 70 cm Surface density: 400 g/m²

TVINGEN Ręcznik do rąk - biały, 50x100 cm - IKEA

TVINGEN Hand towel IKEA A terry towel that is soft and absorbent (weight 380 g/m²).

ÄNGSVIDE Mattress protector - -, Twin X-long - IKEA

ÄNGSVIDE Mattress protector

SKYDDA LÄTT Mattress protector IKEA Protects the mattress against stains and dirt and prolongs its life.

Kitchen Textiles - IKEA

Explore our kitchen textiles range, including kitchen cloth. Choose from a variety of great products at affordable prices at IKEA.

PAX Wardrobe with 1 door, white, Birkeland glass $170.00.    [Width: 19 5/8 "  Depth: 14 3/4 "  Height: 93 1/8 "]

PAX Wardrobe with 1 door - Birkeland frosted glass/white, white, cm, standard hinges - IKEA

VINTER 2015, Candle dish, star, red

Set the mood in any room with candles, candle holders, lanterns, and votive candles from IKEA!

IKEA - SAGODJUR, Blanket, , Fleece is soft and easy to care for.The anti-pilling finish offers a smooth and soft surface.Retains its shape wash after wash.Embroidered motifs.

SAGODJUR Blanket IKEA Fleece is soft and easy to care for. The anti-pilling finish offers a smooth and soft surface.


Ikea’s FORVANTAD Paper Napkins – 60 Pack: Stylish, absorbent napkins for your home or office. Exceptional design and quality from Ikea of Sweden. Fit beautifully in Liksidig Napkin Holder.

€1.49 /4 kpl FRAMSTÄLLA Lahjanauha, roosa

Visit IKEA's Paper Shop for fun paper crafts, stationary, gift wrapping supplies, paper cups, and more.

I love this sofa - and the cover is removable and washable to get rid of the dog hair

EKTORP Cover two-seat sofa w chaise lounge - Byvik multicolour - IKEA

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IKEA HÄREN Bath sheet Pink cm A terry towel in medium thickness that is soft and highly absorbent (weight 400 g/m²).

KUNNIG Paper napkin IKEA The napkin is highly absorbent because it’s made of three-ply paper.

Choose from our range of coloured paper napkins to keep your clothes safe from crumbs at the table.