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Connor Franta | How I feel when someone asks me for relationship advice!

JL:Connor Franta gives guy advice in his vid:signs a guy doesn't like you.

Wise words of Ricky Dillon, candy is WAY better anyways so, I mean...yeah (old)

dont do drugs eat candy it feels the same without all of the life threatening side effects

Movie Quotes in Real Life (feat. Ryan Abe) - Connor Franta

Here's a conversation completely made out of movie quotes! -Connor Franta LOL this sooo funny :)


Wise words from my man, Connor Franta also he's so attractive. oh my gosh<<<I KNOW RIGHT I think I just exploded oh god

Screaming at Strangers Connor's New Video! 10/28/13

Screaming at Strangers<< WATCH! you will not regret! it is the funniest video EVER! I was crying so hard from laughing:'D Man he is so awesome>>> I love Connor Franta. This is really one of my favorite videos.

GUYS GUYS LOOK READ THIS>>>>>>>>>> OKAI YALL I am making a youtube video and I need AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU CAN. ASK ME ANYTHINGGGG. ASK. ASK. PLEASEEEEEEEE. Thank You guys so muchhhhh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ask at least one question (: Thanks!!

Connor Franta ❤️❤️❤️ love him ❤️❤️❤️ I'm defiantly a Connor girl

RIP FRANTASTIC MONDAYS.... I know the video was a while ago, but I didn't think to make a board....

Connor, I have loved you since day 1 and will always love you♡ I will stand by your decision even though we will miss you deeply♡ but thanks for smiling when you didn't want to just to make us happy. We will always love you♡