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Suolahifistit, Meillä on kotona suolahifistelyyn taipuvaisia. Eikä kyse ole (vain) minusta. Pöytäsuolana on niin sanottua sormisuolaa, niitä hiutalemaisia kiteitä. Valikoimassa on kahdenlaista maustettua sormisuolaa sekä kaksi punertavaa. Karkeaa vaaleanpunaista ruususuolaa laitetaan suolamyllyyn.

Did you know you can use regular ol' salt on your body in your beauty care regimen?

How to seed growing

>Basically you : Eat an avocado (fun part) Clean-off the pit Suspend it over a dish of water with toothpicks (half-submerged) Wait 3 to 6 weeks for it to sprout Simple enough, right? Now, I can't guarantee that you'll have fruit for even a year or two, bu

How to Grow Fairy Carrots in Mason Jars | This is an easy project to get kids and adults started with a simple, tidy, garden project that you can do in a small space, indoors or outdoors.

How to Grow Miniature Fairy Carrots

Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine - Lydi Out Loud

Simplify Your Morning Beauty Routine

With fall comes shorter days and dark mornings. Cut time from your morning beauty routine with these simple tips and tricks. Who doesn't want a few more snoozes of the alarm?

Tetra Pak Origami Lamps

Tetra Pak Origami Lamps - this is excellent as they don't recycle tetra oak cartons in my area

isommassa koossa

isommassa koossa

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows / different face types and the right eyebrow shape

Tips for Perfect Eyebrows / different face types and the right eyebrow shape FACE SHAPE eyebrow tutorial useful tips

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