Albert Edelfelt, "Hyviä Ystäviä" ("Good Friends - Portrait of the Artist's Sister Bertha Edelfelt")

Good Friends (Portrait of the Artist’s Sister Bertha Edelfelt), Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, Oil on panel. Edelfelt, from time to time, turned to scenes from Finnish.

[META] Pendentes de 2015

[META] Pendentes de 2015

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Pinturas de Fernand Toussaint!

Albert Roosenboom (Belgian, 1845-1873)

Young Girl With Her Dog, Albert Roosenboom--Belgian. CERAMICS : mixed and mostly unidentifiable.

Daniel Gerhartz - In Her Care by Gandalf's Gallery, via Flickr

I've had a painting board sitting here for weeks without any pictures to fill it. This Daniel Gerhartz painting caught my eye because of the way the light glints off of the water and the edges of the girl's hair giving a peaceful feel to the whole scene.

belles images enfants- CHILDREN

"A Favorite Book" - Steve Hanks, 1990 {contemporary artist figurative pretty female child young girl quilt watercolor painting} ♥ Incredible !

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Pinturas de Delphin Enjolras!

"Before school ". Hermann von Kaulbach (1846-1909), German painter.

"Before school ". Hermann von Kaulbach (1846-1909), German painter.

A Jurubeba Cultural: ● Imagens do Ler. Imagem de Keith Larson.

Tourists and locals Village life Sam Wellers A page turner Keith Larson living in Salt Lake City (Utah), USA mo.