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"Hunger Games" Pick-Up Lines

Hunger Games pickup lines

Hunger Games Pick-Up line ;)

"Hunger Games" Pick-Up Lines

Hunger Games Pick-Up lines Country girls don't go for pick up lines but this one.

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18 “Hunger Games”-Inspired Pickup Lines

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Screw I want "a" Peeta.... I want THE Peeta Mellark!

I'm so happy Josh Hutcherson is Peeta in the Hunger Games movie! The only blonde hair guy that I like!


Poor gale i love him!

what happened there was the most dumb luck

Willow Shields - Portrayed Primrose Everdeen in Hunger Games: Catching Fire

this did hurt my heart when Gale watched her kiss Peeta, but even though Gale is cuter in the movie, I still <3 Peeta LOL

Friends and the hunger games - Phoebe is so funny!

What?? WHO are you and are you really still alive because you.... I can't even... just no!

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Hunger Games Humor<<true thg fan will relate

The hunger games

As much as I hate yolo this kinda made me giggle lol


let's go effie! chin up, smile!

Hahaha!! This is kind of awful... so, naturally, I found it rather hysterical.

Okay, this is hilarious. Any hunger games and the fault in our stars fan will immediately get this. Poor Gale nobody likes him

This is literary the best thing ever

Hunger Games, behind the scenes- I love this film that little bit more than you because I know what a great bond all of the actors ( kids) had - famous and well known actors have told the cats of THG to treasure the experience

It another Frozen but better

Do you wanna go and play? I never see you anymore come out the door it& like you& gone away! We used to be best buddies, and now were not. What am I gonna do! Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn& have to be a snowman. (Haymitch) & away Katniss& Ok bye.

Just another important lesson to learn from The Hunger Games.

Sorry there will be no chance of meeting that young hotty on your cruise.

Love this

By Katniss Rachel Mellark "I love Avicii and books so why not" divergent and the hunger games

Lets see you die first shall we?

How about, worst idea that ever existed. In the entire world- no, worst idea in the /universe/. Seriously though, worst idea ever.< I would personally find whomever casted him and ruin their lives.