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The year of yesh: 28 Memes That Pretty Much Sum Up Life In 2015

Them flys are evasive - - funny pics, Hilarious Pic, Random Funny Meme

Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

Rocktard's new archery equipment hahaha, still my favorite vlog from the shaytards. I love the Shaytards.

We wouldn't have it any other way.

19 Pictures That Prove Tumblr Is The Most Savage Place On Earth

I want a yes homo shirt because I'm hella homo<<nice, I have no idea what my sexuality is so idk

Haha I was with her up to that last one. My brain would have been filled with unintelligible gibberish

Lol this is like me

The nerve racking experience I'd texting someone you're into. Texting your crush is such a horrible experience! SO TRUE!

I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

Damian Wayne

Owner of pet: sorry it had to end this way it coulda been different but it's too late. Any last words Person who got too close to pet: ummm wtf?

☼ nσt єvєn thє ѕun cαn ѕhínє αѕ вríght αѕ чσu ☼

This is what I'm thinking when offered a small slice of cake. "You gave me the wrong piece!

Another great knock knock joke!

The World's Worst Knock Knock Jokes

The world's worst Knock Knock jokes. These Knock Knock jokes are so dumb, they are almost genius.