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This portafilter landscape piece. (Photo: Sol Art) This ornamental dotwork hourglass. (Photo: Bonnie) This tiny cactus. (Photo: Cagri Durmaz) These miniature hearts. (Photo: Doy) Be brave. (Photo: East Iz) This mini moon tattoo. (Photo: Hongdam) This tree. (Photo: Nathan Kostechko) This tiny floral ankle tattoo. (Photo: Jakub Nowicz) These gradient lines. (Photo: Rita)

60 Tiny Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink

This blackwork koi. (Photo: Flower) This Lisianthus flower. (Photo: Banul) This gorgeous dolphin. (Photo: Nando) This beautiful butterfly. (Photo: Mini Lau) This watercolor paper airplane. (Photo: River) This minimalistic lotus flower. (Photo: Jon Boy) This little cup of coffee. (Photo: Rose Bud) This kitty. (Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

101 Tiny Girl Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink