Zombie Pop Art - bothers me that there is no attribution with some stuff - if anyone knows where this is from, please let me know. I suspect it is a newer rendition.

Mulligan Studios — CSA Images in Always summer 2014

This Bottle of Poison illustration is a unique illustration by CSA Images. View our online stock illustration collection!

Roy Lichtenstein                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Pop Art: Roy Lichtenstein Pistol felt banner 1964 felt banner x in.) This work is from an edition of twenty plus one artist's proof Edition

Nimura Daisuke - artnau | artnau

Nimura Daisuke

Look #kids! It's Spiderman brushing his teeth! Even Superheros need to brush! :)

The secret life of heroes - The ordinary life of super Heroes by Greg Guillemin - Spiderman: Brushing his teeth.

Zombie Hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Philip Williams Williams Williams Lara

Zombie hands- often green in colours and uses a lot of blood. I wanted an older piece, an aged body that's come back