Indoor Basketball hoops made with pool noodles

SINGING TIME IDEA: Could easily do this for a ST activity. More great ideas to do with pool noodles - DIY indoor basketball hoops

Do you think home depot would get pissed off if I just went in and stole a million paint chips? haha

Use paint chips, those free paint color samples you get from Home Depot/Lowes. To make your own free paint chip phonics game, grab paint chips with 3 colors with a square cut out on the right side. Next grab a bunch with the long sample of colors.

Fun way to get last minute Kindergarten readiness skills practice

Card Challenges

Tell your child you want to work on kindergarten readiness skills and she's not likely to jump up and clap.

Playing with shapes develops spacial relationships and knowledge of relative positions, and can require immense amounts of planning, such as the child who builds a tower like the one in her favorite storybook.   The amount of learning that takes place while playing with shapes, two dimensional of otherwise, should not be underestimated.

Shape Activities that Involve Movement for Young Children

easy indoor cardboard hopscotch

Make an Indoor Hopscotch for Rainy Days

Falling leaves game!

Minute to Win It Game = "Falling Leaves" . Race to See Who Can Drop the Most Fall Leaves into a Basket!

Activities: An Egg-cellent Counting Game. Use a container full of  non food items for several students to do at once. Use washed styrophome cartons w/tops cut off.

An Egg-cellent Counting Game