Origami Kunai from Deviant art... Could be used for a Konan cosplay (Naruto Shippuden)

Origami Kunai from Deviant art. Could be used for a Konan cosplay (Naruto Shippuden) Still don't know how to make it.

DIY Paper Hearts

DIY: origami hearts These are charming, I love this red heart white paper combo:)

Robin Star v2

Robin Star (ver Dec Type: modular origami star Designer: Maria Sinayskaya Units: 8 for Christmas ceiling ornaments

origami ninja stars for Konan (Naruto Shippuden)

origami ninja stars for ninjago party - I like the idea.a little worried about someone getting hurt. Will have to do right BEFORE they leave!

Nooo this is from the moment when sasuke kills his brother ittachi gAAAHHHHH WHY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT AIN'T NOBODY WANNA DRINK THAT NOW. THEY JUST WANNA CRY THEIR HEARTS OUT WHY

Why would you do that ain't nobody wanna drink that now. They just wanna cry their hearts out.