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Working through commissions, paused to repaint a Toralei for myself. I had I rerooted her a few weeks ago to match the outfit that I bought on Etsy from.

How to Curl Doll Hair- Learn to Boil Perm your Barbie or Monster High Doll's Hair

Learn to Boil Perm and Curl Your Barbie or Monster High Doll's Hair

How to perm doll hair: BOIL first, then use curlers as u would human hair! (Mini perm idea: cut straws, slit both end, secure hair using mini rubber bands- so it's use is similar to 'Preminger rods' shown here in Tute.

Raquel Clemente

This is one of the most beautiful projects I’ve done ❤ . The name of this cat is Bokás, I was inspired by the photo of the cat that my lovely customer had. The model is Catrine DeMew (Monster.