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Petty means of little importance or little rank and not that much considerable . If anyone consider you petty then do not freakout .


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"Ain't no such thing as a slow texter. Females will pause in the middle of doin hair, cookin & washin dishes to text u back if they feelin u.

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And just when the hell did I do you dirty. I want to motherfucking know.

~f͓̽o͓̽l͓̽l͓̽o͓̽w͓̽ y͓̽o͓̽u͓̽r͓̽ h͓̽e͓̽a͓̽r͓̽t, a͓̽n͓̽d͓̽ w͓̽h͓̽i͓̽l͓̽e͓̽ y͓̽o͓̽u͓̽r͓̽ a͓̽t͓̽ i͓̽t͓̽, f͓̽o͓̽l͓̽l͓̽o͓̽w͓̽ Savluvsu14!

I cleaned up my room then went frfr shopping ✨I felt like a mf queen

Like this pic ? See more on my Pinterest : @reenaortiz

Like this pic ? See more on my Pinterest : @reenaortiz