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Damn that shit is annoying, I don't want to hear it!

I dont give a fuck Smokey


Laughter is timeless.

The struggle is real

16 Questions That Will Give People With Resting Bitch Face Intense... ❤ liked on Polyvore

For when you’re feeling your stomach rumble and can no longer avoid it: 18 Pop Diva Memes

Lmaoo this is so me @ankh

lmaooooooooo THIS IS ME IN SO MANY WAYS! *two hours later* "hey guys *snorts*" "ugh shut up it's not funny anymore" *looks down.

The most intelligent words I've ever heard from lil Wayne. And they happen to be amazing.

never thought that a lil' wayne song would go on my inspiration board.

hahaha this is the best advocacy I have ever seen for video game violence not causing violent behaviors!

Funny pictures about If video games affect people. Oh, and cool pics about If video games affect people. Also, If video games affect people.

funny meme ain’t nobody got time for that for Adam Levine! Oh yes, I have time for that! Is there someone who doesn't have time for that?

meme, pray for this bitch

Sayings, meme, quotes

This better be YOU and ME in this pic... Soon... But I wouldn't wear that ugly beanie tho.. SOON .. I mean it

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (32)

Positive quotes about strength, and motivational

yes drake, i do it too

laughing loud im not the only one then right?

Another GGW girls pin!

Oh how irritating friends can be.

This is me

The ultimate sign of defeat. It's funny bc this is exactly the face I make when I'm mocking someone's laugh. I also always hold a half eaten apple when I'm doing it.

Your Body, Your Rules (another wordy post

Your Body, Your Rules (another wordy post

curvy fitspo Equality thinspo wise feminist healthy wisdom curves sexism girl power feminism women's rights equal rights strong women misogyny LIFE LESSON mary theresa forde mary t forde accept yourself women power prettyness love yourself now


In Living Color was just so hilarious, they made fun of EVERYBODY! my favorite characters: Antoine Meriweather Blaine Edwards, your ever so gay, loud, proud hosts of ANY subject.