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Whole9 | Paleo Nutrition, Nutrition Workshops, Nutrition for Health and Fitness Facilities, and the Original Whole30 Program, Designed to Change Your Life in 30 Days

Site for learning how to change your eating habits to healthy, natural food choices.

Could you imagine pulling that out of a bag? Uhhh, don't want that one... disgusting.

New Flavor FAIL

you mean butter? << Anyone else concerned that this person assumed there are butter flavored lollipops? I did not realize Paula Dean makes candy now.<<I'm pretty sure its butterSCOTCH and not just butter

A joke in French :D - une blague ("It seems like the victim was cut in pieces." "Uh, it's over here, Sargent.")

A joke in French :D - une blague française ("It seems like the victim was cut in pieces." "Uh, it's over here, Sargent.

YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS, PRONTO -- how to curse when small children are listening, and other essential parenting lingo from The Mommyland Vocabulary page.

Rants from Mommyland. hilarious but irreverent.

The One Page Novel Plot Formula | via ✍ Lady Writer

memo to self: I can't read as screenshot, put print as PDF again, can't find where I put it.The One Page Novel Plot Formula - spreadsheet + Scrivener template

Tennis Ball Helper by  and : For anywhere you need an extra...mouth. Cut a slit in a tennis ball using a box cutter or sharp knife. Add rivets or google eyes. Hang him on the wall by a nail or suction cup in the back of his ‘head’. Thanks to !      DIY

DIY – Tennis Ball

Tennis Ball as a key Holder. A genius idea to DIY a functional, funny and adorable key holder with a tennis ball. See the tutorial

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Really laughed at this scene. One of the best castle scenes ever!


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I have so many readings left e.e Btw, jusss sayinnn.That last slide will NEVER HAPPEN.