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Klaus Fleming

Klaus Fleming

"Hertig Karl skymfande Klaus Flemings lik" by Albert Edelfelt  [What do you think the story is here?]

PaintingDb view of Duke Karl Abusing the Corpse of Klaus Fleming / Kaarle-Herttua herjaa Klaus Flemingin Ruumista by Edelfelt, Albert.

Kaarle IX –Kaarle IX (ruots. Karl IX, 4. 10. 1550 – 30. 10 1611) oli Ruotsin kuningas 1604–1611. Hän oli yksi kuningas Kustaa Vaasan pojista.Kaarlesta on käytetty myös nimitystä Kaarle-herttua viitattaessa tapahtumiin ennen hänen kuninkuuttaan.

The motto of Charles IX was IEHOVAH SOLATIUM MEUM, which we can still read on his statue in Göteborg. The English translation is: “Jehovah comforts me”.

Ann Radcliffe.jpg.  Many ladies of the Regency Period loved reading her gothic novels.

Ann Radcliffe, author of the Mysteries of Udolpho, and the most celebrated Gothic writer of her time.

frances burney

Frances d'Arblay ('Fanny Burney') by Edward Francisco Burney - Frances Burney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Charles IX of Sweden also Carl, Swedish: Karl IX (4 October 1550 – 30 October 1611) was King of Sweden from 1604 until his death. He was the youngest son of King Gustav I of Sweden and his second wife, Margaret Leijonhufvud, brother of Eric XIV and John III, and uncle of Sigismund I/III, king of both Sweden and Poland. By his father's will he got, by way of appanage, the Duchy of Södermanland, which included the provinces of Närke and Värmland

Charles IX - Son of Gustav I and Margaret Leijonhufvud. He succeeded his nephew as King.

Martin Luther, father of Christianity's Protestant Reformation.  Painted c. 1532 in the workshop of Lucas Cranach the Elder in Dresden.  Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC.

Martin Luther atelier van Lucas Cranach de Oude NOTES: Luther's history: Relics & Saints do not hold power; transubstantiation (Duits, © Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Margaret of Valois - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia