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Keep Calm and Dance On

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Keep calm and point your toes. Quote.

I need to remind myself that all the time since I use to do hip hop so I rarely point my feet until I went back to jazz and all my teachers will be like POINT UR TOES 😂

HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS???  Duck Dynasty new guilty pleasure!  How is it that I can't turn the channel when this show is on??

I usually don't like these "keep calm" posts but I sure do love me some Poppa Phil Duck Dynasty happy happy happiness!

if I start doing this, please make sure you ask me if I still know who I am... maybe I've had a bad head injury. Blech.

How true.having a bad day, a little country music can fix it, having a bit of of a rough day listen to country music it'll make you feel a little bit better, having a great day jam to your favorite country songs.

Keep Calm

Keep calm and be awesome by wearing an amazing piece of Jewelry of Mademoiselle…

Come on September! Emma is beyond ready to go to ballet class lol. She is soo cute in her ballet outfits

For all the Irish Dancers this week, especially Murray Academy!


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