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Leivinlaudalla: Puutarhurin sämpylät

Gardener's Rolls by Scandinavian Bread

Leonardo da Vinkki: Hurmurin sämpylät

These rolls aren't the pretties small breads in the world, but the taste is awesome and the soft, chewy texture inside is just p.

Crunchy Seed Rolls by Scandinavian Bread

Tässä sämpylät, joissa on yltiöpäisen paljon siemeniä, nam!

Lohja Loaves by Scandinavian Bread

Apple buttermilk loaves are traditional breads from Lohja, a small town located in the province of Southern Finland. You don& find the.

Potato Bread by Scandinavian Bread

Sourdough Potato Bread is one of my all time favorites. It takes time to bake sourdough bread, but it's no.

Scandinavian Bread: Angel Rolls

The secret behind super soft Angel Rolls is moist dough. The number one rule is use as little flour as possible, only just enough to .

Nettle rolls by Scandinavian Bread blog

It's time to harvest the tiny tops of nettles.

Leivinlaudalla: Itkettävän ihana spelttileipä

This spelt bread brings me to tears. I just love it - truly, madly deeply!

Oat Bread by Scandinavian Bread

Many food agencies worldwide, including The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), have approved health claims attributed to oat.

Aamiaissämpylät, joiden taikina tehdään valmiiksi jo illalla. http://leivinlaudalla.blogspot.fi/2015/03/aamiaissampylat.html  Breakfast Rolls for sleepyheads. http://scandinavianbread.blogspot.fi/2015/03/breakfast-rolls.html

Freshly baked, warm rolls are a sweet treat in the morning. Even the sleepyheads can bake them with this recipe, because the dough is m.


Brot & Bread: WEIZENBRÖTCHEN - Oh how I love brotchen! Every year I go to Germany and bring a bag full and freeze them!

Turnip Rieska by Scandinavian Bread

One of the joys of autumn is a hot turnip rieska topped with melting butter. I have a craving for it at the latest in October, and it w.