DC COMICS (W) Robert Venditti, Van Jensen (A/CA) Jesus Merino The Riddler has seized control of Central City. If The Flash moves, he'll put everyone he loves in mortal danger. To save the city-and him

Flash #52 Homage Variant

Flash - DC Comics celebra o fim dos Novos 52 com capas especiais - veja

It is rumoured in some countries that the police will not stop you for speeding unless you are going at least 10% over the limit. One such country recently changed from miles to kilometres on all road signs. What is the new rule of thumb?

As divertidas ilustrações de Chow Hon Lam

"Speed trap" illustrations by Malaysian artist and t-shirt designer Chow Hon Lam

Justice League by Alex Ross

What if for once, all the supervillains came together against the good guys and their plans worked out?- Justice by Alex Ross

Batman do futuro

I would watch this Batman Beyond movie in a heart-beat. Granted, that is naught but an expression, as I would buy tickets faster.<< that costume tho

Liga de la justicia

Nolan not involved in"Justice League" movie There will be no Nolanverse Justice League. Despite speculation that Christopher Nolan might orchestrate Warner Bros. Justice League movie, the director.