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Lentiiran Lomakylä

Lentiiran Lomakylä

Beautiful mitten pattern. Kainuun kukkalapaset by Traditional Finnish Design. Also on Ravelry.

Neuleohje: Kainuun lapaset

Kiva kun Kotiliesi on julkaissut tämän Kainuu lapasten kuvion! I'm really glad that the Finnish magazine Kotiliesi published the pattern for the Kainuu County mittens!

Sanna Annuka2.jpeg

Silk screen print designed and hand printed by Sanna Annukka. These long vertical prints that read down are to much! I love how they have layers that stack in order to create a sense of space, yet the space tends to stay flat.

Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland http://www.nationalgeographic.com.es/articulo/viajes/rutas_y_escapadas/8059/laponia_finlandesa.html#gallery-4

Kuusamo, Finland - It has an abundance of snow due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle. Just was on this bridge three months ago and it looked sure a bit different then ;

Finnish Blueberry Milk.  Been having this my whole life and never knew it was a Finnish thing!

Finnish Blueberry Milk

Finnish Blueberry Milk: This was just a blueberry smoothie. I think initially I thought it was some sort of hot drink, but then when I made it. Well, blueberries are always good, though.

Eurasian Brown Bear, Ursus arctos.Suomussalmi, Finland.Brown bear (Ursus arctos), FINLAND/MARTINSELKONEN, SUOMUSSALMI, KAINUU. Ten years ago, most Europeans who wanted to see bears, went to Alaska. Now they can instead go to Finland, Sweden or Romania, who all have large and growing bear populations, and ecotourism operators who will take you to see the bears from permanent hides.

Brown bears have made a remarkable comeback throughout much of Europe. The European part of Russia boasts while Romania is thought to have up to (by Staffan Widstrand/ Wild Wonders of Europe).