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T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

A hunter named Knox Rose of the notorious Rose family with impeccable fashion sense, meets wielder of the dark arts, Dembe AU.

(Open Rp) The mirror in my house is shattered, probably because it was busted with fast lead. "Abby what are you doing you're going to kill us all" my friend says as he is flossing "Tom I'm trying to practice, it's called self defense" he lowers the gun "it's called a death trap" I hear a knock on the door, I set the gun down "Tom Allen you have been drafted to come and fight." The man says "what..." He says as if he's seen a ghost.

Lei, though this is not how to hold a gun properly. She'd jab her eye out holding it like that!

Anti-surveillance activists turn smashing CCTV cameras into a competitive game - CAMOVER

Action photos: I chose this picture because it chose violence and its a form of action/protesting.This picture could be I the yearbook because it shows what people can do to get to their goal.

The Rules Of Violence - Part One