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Spongebob and Jersey Shore. Makes complete sense to me.

SpongeBob never has a bad answer…I would seriously always wait for this episode to come on.

That hat makes you look like a girl, Spongebob. One of my favorite SpongeBob quotes.

Patrick: Are you squidward? (silence) Patrick: That's okay, take your time.  Spongebob rules!

Oh man. LOL, what did we ever laugh about before Spongebob? ---- Nothing was as funny as Spongebob

alberto montt: 96 ++ Sitting Magneto and Iron Man is trouble

stuck on you superheroes version

Spongebob Memes (13 Pics)

Spongebob, Patrick says no shoes no shirt and I still get service.

we fight on the inside to try and live on the outside

It will be the dads job to kill spiders. If he isn't home, then we are screwed.

Patrick and Spongebob

Patrick and Spongebob

If Disney princesses had Instagram...

If Disney princesses had IG

Nice Tall Glass of Nope - The Oatmeal http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running5

Godzilla Nope Nope Nope by taxford - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Let me cook God dammit - Karyd

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Some people shouldn't high five, by Anna Marie Jung

Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 32 Pics The Polar Bear commercials are the best ones.

Starting to Think You Have a Problem wildlife

I know, right? And the everybody glares at you, and you end up bursting out laughing in their faces...

When you'r supposed to be quiet everything seems funnier

I'm pissed.  Let's go buy shit.

Or I'm really happy, let's go buy shit. Or I'm sad, let's go buy shit.

I want to have this printed and put in all the dental hygiene books :)

Funny pictures about Scumbag dentists. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag dentists. Also, Scumbag dentists photos.