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Two types of people... if liam called me babe i would fall down 13 flights of stairs and not even care

Two types of people >>AWE Liam is so adorable and sweet, and ZAYN with his laugh, too cute

Harry Styles | Madrid, Spain 3.31.18 | emrosefeld |

Harry Styles | Madrid, Spain 3.31.18 | emrosefeld |

The boys demonstrating what my friends and I do. Liam looks like he's gonna kill someone!!! Haha

Accually pictures with meh besties would become wierder



Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so much harder then I should, but c'mon, thats just hilarious!

I love Simon Cowell even more for creating this band in the first place :D

oh how I need this

I don't actually want to be left alone. I want you to comfort me and ask me what you can do. I want to be coddled. I want my tears wiped from my face. I want a hug. I want to be told that it will all be okay tomorrow. I want to be told…

Hahaha, I'm dying!!

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Reminder this was before zayn well zayned and when he was MIA all the time