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Glad im not the only one! lol haha first time I read this I thought it said seeing another teenage and thinking thank god I'm not the only one. Lol <<<< it’s true, and it feels good to know that you’re not the only one

Like when you're talking about 1D and then.... BAM! they're taking about JB and I don't even like him


I just sort of shove it onto the shelf and quickly walk away.

I was at a Lego store once and one of the Christmas Tree ordaments filled with Legos fell and broke open when I tried to put it back. I was like oops.

This annoys me SO MUCH! I mean, you have to start over the problem and everything!

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This annoys me SO MUCH! I mean, you have to start over the problem and everything! This happens to me all the freaking time!^^ I don't even do the problem again. I just pick the closest answer to mine.

Get in the basket!

I have wondered the same thing! I think when David was on a bike, he just would just call another police officer in a car to get them.

always haha

That dirty look you give something after tripping over it. So true!

I did go in order for awhile, but that got too boring xD

Can be funny.Until your teacher throws a stack of papers at your friend who was just sitting quietly. I'm this kid

Not really, but in classes :-P

Teenager Post My handwriting varies: Page one- Excellent. Page ten- fine. Page twenty- Language change

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My friend Fatima who always says no homo has no idea that I’m actually bisexual lol

I always play this game

Alomst there. And suddenly the people down stairs here a thud. me upstairs* laying flat on the ground, still trying to grab that one stupid thing. Ooooor that stupid thing falls -_-