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Rustic Fall Cider Bar, when there's nothing else to do but drink something warm and tasty.

Wassil: 1 pint cranberry juice coctail, 1 6oz can frozen OJ, 1 12oz can frozen lemonade 1 pint apple juice 3/4 cup water + 1 1/2 cup water 1 tbsp sugar 1/4 tsp allspice 2 cinnamon sticks 8 orange slices 10 whole cloves cheese cloth Combine orange juice & 3/4 cup water n a pot. Add cranberry juice, add 1 1/2 cup water, sugar, allspice, lemonade, & apple juice. Simmer. While simmering, wrap cloves & cinnamon n cheese cloth. Float n pot while simmering. orange slice n cup when serving.

cider bar - could have sparkling cider in champagne flutes, mulled cider, chilled cider in a punch bowl and fixings for hot buttered rum . Cool for a holiday party!

Thankful!!!!  When your pumpkins are very small, engrave a design, name  into  the skin. As the pumpkin grows the design grows with it.  SK

It's Written on the Wall: {Halloween & Thanksgiving} Writing messages on pumpkins-Scarring the pumpkin


Prized Pumpkins -Dress up pumpkins with wire for a rustic fall look. Get creative and wrap wire around the outside of the pumpkin like a ribbon, fit it around the entire surface like a spiderweb, or twist it in curlicues sprouting out of the stem.

Fall-Decor-Floral-Centerpiece-Tablescape www.tablescapesbydesign.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tablescapes-By-Design/129811416695

A great look for a fall party. I love how the layers of burlap overlap on tablecloth! Even burlap can be the beginning of something elegant.

Amazing votive candles placed inside of gourds.

Osage oranges (aka hedge or horse apples) & pumpkin candles. wish I knew where to get osage oranges.

Love this flower arrangement for our Thanksgiving meal.

Autumn Tablescape / Thanksgiving Table / Fall Decor / - StoneGable: Harvest Buffet Love the berries in cream vase--Heck I love autumn berries in anything!

photographed by mia baxter If I had to describe Julia Lake in one phrase it would be this: “Not afraid to be fabulous.” As the renowned event designer behind Ju

nut filled apothecary jars

Setting for Four: Apothecary Jar Fillers, Fall & Halloween Ideas I really like this look for fall and winter decor.