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Ryan Gosling smiling.

im glad ryan understands - cause Target always makes me spend more than I want to!

He can if he want to. You can't tell that pig what to do.

Making boys generally uncomfortable since kindergarten

You can't tell that pig what to do. Who cares if he's a little gay? Everyone's a little gay. Oh Honey Boo Boo.

luke bryan

True for somebody else but not Luke Bryan. If Luke Bryan got in the elevator with me I would probably get out.

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious.  I tried explaining this joke to my dad. Didn't quite work

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man!

Haha! I love this video!!!

MARCEL the shell. I have a student named Marcel; he has said many times he hates this book because he is not a shell with shoes on.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians,

Scott Disick is funny. Scott Disick is a douche bag. Scott Disick is a funny douche bag.


Ain't nobody got not time for.oh, heeeeeeey Adam, I may have a little time.


12 Memes And Tweets For Final Exams

David after the dentist finals meme, I just stumbled across this!--- Or just any dental school exam

Sex and the City!

Getting hooked on a TV show… The funny thing is, I did this with the first 9 seasons of Greys Anatomy on Netflix.

#sotrue all the time

I pretty much say omg I hate this damn song. And then sing the whole thing in a mocking tone, just so everyone knows. I really hate this song.

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend... You will cry from laughing so hard!!!!   Love it!  YES!

If Your Friends Acted Like Your Pets You Wouldn't Keep Them Around

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend This is awesome. haha im a dog person. dogs are better than cats Helmberger

People are dying, Kim. I'm dying from laughing at her ugly cry face

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim: I lost my earrings in the ocean. Kourtney: Kim, there's people that are dying.