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I'm kicking off today's finds with some beautiful interior inspo courtesy of Swedish real estate site Bjufors . There are too many delicious...

Style and Create — Beautiful Gothenburg home with lots of inspiration Styling by Emma Fischer Photo by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

The lovely, relaxed home of a Berlin DIY blogger

The lovely, relaxed home of a Berlin DIY blogger (my scandinavian home)

Here, it's been an eventful one. On Friday evening I had a live radio interview about my new Lagom book. Except I got the time difference muddled up a

버려둘대로 버려둔 요즘 한참 집꾸미기에 빠지더니 요즘은 조금 많이 시들합니다. 그래도 자료 대방출~ 요...

Colour coordinating your beanbag is the first step towards making it look less daggy.


In a Minibedroom: By aligning the couch with the TV to create a living space and the bed with a makeup vanity to mimic a traditional bedroom, this studio feels like it's made up of two unique rooms.