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V - 22 Osprey_I was a manager in the LM/ BAJ tooling shop that built the Layup mandrel for the body of this cool plane .

1957 - B-47 rocket assist take off by x-ray delta one, via Flickr

Boeing Stratojet Rocket Assisted Take-Off, 15 April 1954 (U. Air Force photo) - The Stratojet was a medium range nuclear bomber and reconnaissance aircraft capable of flying at high.

Canberra low pass through a hangar not sure of date. This guy had to be crazy!

'RAAF Un-Official' Canberra 'Hangar Fly Through' Amberley - Photographer Unknown. Brave pilot and person on the ground: Airplanes Airplanes, Airplanes Jets Helicopters, Airplanes Choppers Military, Airplane Photos, Aweso

AC-130 Gunship

ON BAD-ASS DUDE! Created during the Vietnam conflict. All started with 'I betcha we can fire that artillery piece from that plane'.


What an amazingly docile cow. No comment on the driver, who seems to have a death wish!

- MUSTANG,Has to be one of the most beautiful planes to take to the skies !

B1B ( Bomber ) with rapid take off / full afterburners firing to maximise take off speed for a quick get away

The beautiful Rockwell Lancer. The only quad-engine USA military jet with afterburner.