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پایش را برای فرار از روزمرگی کمی فراتر گذاشت و... حالا درون تنهاییش دست کسی را میگیرد که تا بحال ندیده است! #کیوان_میرشاهی  Amelie Herondale. "Her red hair was exactly like her mothers." Jace

Sometimes I would like everyone to know the truth even though it hurts to feel so much pressure

{B&IL} She took the drivers seat and drove them to the park."Why didn't you tell me?" "I thought you wouldn't give me a chance. No one ever has." "That's ridiculous. Of course I'd give you a chance. Im a girl that loves adventure and what greater adventure than loving a blind man." She took his hand. "I use to be able to track it but nowadays it hard to. It's too unpredictable. I can't even drive."

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"Knocked down. Cried out. Been down just to find out I'm through bleeding for you." 'You Look So Fine' - Garbage

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