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Photo of Uummannaq

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The Best Destinations in Europe: 2016

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Uummannaq Greenland - Ultima Thule: Arctic churches: simple and colourful

Arctic churches: simple and colourful

The flight from Copenhagen lands in Kangerlussuaq

The flight from Copenhagen lands in Kangerlussuaq

Uummannaq, church and school

Photo of Uummannaq, church and school

لبناني يصوم 21 ساعة! #القيادي #alqiyady #رمضان #يلا_رمضان #Ramdan  #رمضان_كريم

لبناني يصوم 21 ساعة! #القيادي #alqiyady #رمضان #يلا_رمضان #Ramdan #رمضان_كريم

Greenland - Uummannaq

Uummannaq, North Greenland Danish and Greenlandic children believe that Santa Claus lives in Spraglebugten bay in the west of the island.

Greenland (about 80% ice covered) is the world's largest (non-continent) island, and it dominates the North Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe It is geographically considered part of the North American continent.               Its sparse population is confined to small settlements along the coastlines, with nearly one-quarter of the population living in the capital city of Nuuk.

Greenland - capital: Nuuk - photo: Nuussuaq district of Nuuk with the Sermitsiaq mountain in the background