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Fit bucket list: Sky diving I can't wait till I meet the weight limit to jump!Cuz I feel like flying

Isn't it gorgeous? The sky in this :o  Number 1: Do a skydive when the sun is rising/sinking.

When I was young, one night I had a dream that I was skydiving. Next time I am skydiving, I hope my eyes will be open.

♂ Adventure Skiing and shredding the cloud

An extreme skier jumping off Mount Hood in Oregon, USA. These skiers jump thousands of feet into the air with the clouds beneath their feet.

Pular de Paraquedas

I have always wanted to go sky diving, even tho I am terrified of heights, I will overcome my fear once I go sky diving. I want to go sky diving so I can get the feeling of completely being "free".


Summer adventure, beautiful sunset bridge jumping with friends.