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One direction

One Direction before and after puberty>> started from the bottom now we here :)

Only Liam :P why are the UKs milk cartons so wide and thin?<< to hold over your head when it's raining

"Holding a milk carton over your head in the rain, because you're Liam Payne". Kinda like Liam

I love how they can make ridiculous faces and they're still insanely hot

lirry stayne songs )nubmer 1 summer love ,number 2 little things , number 3 viva la vida

Is Liam Payne leaving One Direction for love?

As maiores declarações de Liam Payne Boys Qual é a deles?

I thought we stopped these last year.... No, ok..

*trying to PAUL home all of my chance i spent on LOU