Sprinkling some munch-worthy goldfish on your Mermaid Toast definitely makes it a kid-friendly treat.

Gold Fish Mermaid Toast

These mermaid and unicorn toast ideas look as yummy as they are pretty!

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Unicorn Toast Is How To Wake Up And Feel ~*MAGICAL*~

Unicorn Toast Is How To Wake Up And Feel ~*MAGICAL*~

Mermaid Toast with Vibrant & Pure.

Key ingredients: almond-milk cream cheese, watermelon radish, spirulina powder, and chlorophyll drops Get the recipe: mermaid toast

Food Mood

Toast Skagen - Reseptit

∙ Makes 2
  • 2 - 4 viipaletta paahtoleipää
  • 1 rkl voita
  • 180 g isoja katkarapuja
  • 2 rkl majoneesia
  • 2 rkl ranskankermaa
  • 0 5 tl sinappia
  • 2 tl sitruunamehua
  • 2 rkl tillisilppua
  • 0 25 tl suolaa
  • musta- tai roseepippuria
  • 4 sitruunaviipaletta
Toast Skagen 2

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