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aphyosemion poliaki

aphyosemion poliaki

Aphyosemion Australe / Killi visje

“Lyretail Panchax” (Aphyosemion australe) Also known as the Cape Lopez lyretail, the lyretail panchax is a species of Nothobranchiid killifish which is endemic to Cape Lopez and its surrounding areas.

Nothobranchius sp. Caprivi Salambala

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Chromaphyosemion volcanum, endemic to the drainage system of the Kake River in the area around Mount Cameroon, western Cameroon.  inhabits the swampy parts of brooks and small streams in the rain forest, mainly on volcanic soils (Wildekamp et al. 1986). It is a benthopelagic, non-migratory species and is not a seasonal killifish. The species is difficult to maintain in an aquarium (Huber 1996). One male spawns with several females.

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Aphyosemion bivittatum

Aphyosemion bivittatum (killi à deux bandes) : élevage