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Other Pinner: Done by Joe Deegan at Spilled Ink Tattoo In Dublin, Ireland. Original artwork by one of my favorite artists AngryBlue!

kim michey hombre

Tatuajes que sólo personas sarcásticas e irónicas se harían

A selection of outstanding tattoos created by Kim Michey. Kim Michey's tattoos are so wonderfully different from what we've seen so far.

Sad Amish

love the two upper thigh tattoos in black & white obsessed with this artist

Sun and moon forearm tattoo

46 Fantastic Forearm Tattoos for Women With Style

Wolf black and red tattoo with super sick skull... Done by Jordan Busbea @ Propaganda Tattoo in San Diego

Wolf black and red tattoo with super sick skull. Done by Jordan Busbea @ Propaganda Tattoo in San Diego (kind of dark but I really love the concept)

Aries Tattoos | InkDoneRight  Aries Tattoos - Aries was a ram with golden fleece that was hunted by Jason and the Argonauts. The ram was first mentioned in a myth about a woman named Nephele and her children. Nephele begged Mercury to protect her children from her…

Aries Tattoos

Today, we’ll be talking about Aries Tattoos inspired by their Horoscope. The Aries personality tends to lean towards an artistic lifestyle—which means.

Hokusai wave by OOZY

These 16 Korean Tattoo Artists Are Pure Magic

My tattoo is located on my left side/back. It took five and hours to complete the tattoo.

See this Instagram photo by @sad_amish_tattooer • 26.6k likes

The sexy tattoos created by Sad Amish look pretty cool. If you like this kind of erotic design, let's keep checking the beautiful tattoo art.

Sad but true.

Tattoo of Medusa, who has become a popular icon for artwork, tattoos and costumes in the modern day. This type of depiction is typically used to represent feminine power.